Featured Seafood Specials
in Portland, Maine

Prices Are Good Through 6/25/17 While Supplies Last.
Fresh hand picked Maine Crab - fresh seafood in Portland, ME
Fresh Hand Picked Maine Crabmeat
Fresh Scallops - fresh seafood in Portland, ME
Fresh Dry Scallops
All Natural
$17.99 per lb.
Fresh Swordfish - fresh seafood in Portland, ME
Fresh Premimum Sword Fish Steaks A+ Quality
$10.99 per lb.
Coming Soon
Soft Shell Lobsters
$7.99 per lb.
Coming Soon
Fresh Halibut Steaks
$15.99 per lb.
Smoked Seafood
Wide variety of smoked seafood products from Ducktrap River of Maine including smoked Trout, Scallops, Mussels, Mackerel, and salmon sides and pre sliced.
Cooking Lobsters
Cooking Lobsters is free of charge but cooking space is limited calling ahead to place an order is recommended.
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